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Sizes noted are matted and framed, height by width

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"Under the Full Moon"  26x20
"Starfish"  26x20
"Summer Excitement"  28x24  SOLD
"Parry Penstemons"  19x30  SOLD
"A Slice of Summer" - SOLD
"Storm Coming"  21x27  SOLD
"After the Storm"  SOLD
"Batik Iris"   21x24
"Red Poppies"  21x23   SOLD
"Barrio Blooms" - SOLD
"Rosita"  20x26   SOLD
"Sonoran Celebrity"  21x27
"Courage of the Desert Bluebell"  18x24
"Secret Life of a Cactus Flower"  24x21   SOLD
"Fruiting Saguaro"  26x20
"Shooting Star"  18x22  SOLD
"Cereus Exuberance" - SOLD
"Lush Life"  21x27 SOLD
"Life in Tucson"  16x15  SOLD
"Night Magic"  21x28   SOLD
"Extravaganza"  27x22  SOLD
"Cholla Adventures" - SOLD
"Staghorn Cholla"  27x22   SOLD
"Coronation of a Cholla"  12x12 SOLD
"Little Arizona Fishhook"  27x22  SOLD
"Black Star" - SOLD
"The Fabulous Flames"  28x22
"Little Gems" - SOLD
"Bougainvillea Mambo"  SOLD
"Still Life with Levitating Grape"  21x27  SOLD
"Papaya on a Blue Plate" - SOLD
"Harriet's Lemons"  20x26  SOLD
"Papaya Recombobulation"  22x26   SOLD
"Moody Bosc"  24x18
"Carmen Miranda's Hat"  28x17
"The Joesler Touch"  21x27  SOLD
"View from the Fountain"  SOLD
"Saint Philips in the Hills"  18x24  SOLD
"Shady Place at St Philips"  26x20
The Lemon Tree 20x26
"Sinagua Cliff Dwelling"  26x21   SOLD
"Sun Drenched" 21x27   SOLD
"Sun Spirits"   SOLD
"A Perfect Spring"   21x24  SOLD
"Peace Signs"  20x26
"Peaceful Spirits"   20x26
"Little Chapel at DeGrazia" - SOLD
"Lupita's Way"  20x26
"View from the Back Door"  20x26
"The Little Gallery"  20x26
"Gallery in the Sun"  22x25  SOLD
"Reflections in a Window" - SOLD
"Time Stands Still at the Pump House"  SOLD
"Old Fort Lowell Chapel"  18x22
"Sunny Morning at Tanque Verde Ranch"  22x28  SOLD
"San Pedro"    SOLD
"Sky Blue"  29x22   SOLD
"La Puerta" - SOLD
"L'Door V'Door" - SOLD
"Buena Suerte" - SOLD
"La Puerta Ensueno" - SOLD
"The Red Door"  26x20  SOLD
"Still Life with Blue Door"  36x28
"Blue Shadows" - SOLD
"La Puerta Sombra" SOLD
"Shadowfalls"   21x26
"Adobe Mistico" - SOLD
"Sancosme"  20x23
"Mistico Segundo"  22x28  SOLD
"Arizona Inn"  22x28   SOLD
"Bienvenidos"    SOLD
"Meet Me at the Rose Cottage"  20x23   SOLD
"Traveling in Style"  19x25   SOLD
"Elysian Grove Market"  18x24
"Elysian Market"  SOLD
"La Casa Lila"    SOLD
"Enchanted"   SOLD
"Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood"  25x20   SOLD
"5347"  20x26
"White Adobe"  20x26
"Ghost Tree House"  37x29
"House Down the Road"  20x25
"House on the Corner"  19x25
"San Xavier del Bac"  21x28
"Spring Valley Farm"  36x28  SOLD
"House on Rio Cuale"  27x21  SOLD
"Bucerias Tree House"  20x26
"Numero 123"  21x27
"Conchas Chinas"  21x27
"Lily Chavarria"  22x27
"Dolche"  21x27
"Randy Channels Einstein" - SOLD
"Ancient Vibrations"  24x18
"Golden Oracle"  22x17 1/2
"Roscoe's Happy Place"   22x18  SOLD
"Playa de Los Muertos"  20x26
"Four Amigas"  19x23
"Mayan"  27x21
"Adelitas"  31x38   SOLD
"La Plaza - Puerto Vallarta"  20x26
"The Violinist"  21x25
"Marina Vallarta"   22x26
"Bucerias Market"  18x24
"Mexican Morning"  21x26
"Bougainvillea Tango"  27x21
"Terra Cotta"  SOLD
Rhythm of the Jaca Tree  29x18
"Tropical Memories"  21x27
"Kauai"  27x22
"Catch of the Day"  21x27
"Matamoros Lookout"  24x18
"Banderas Bay"  (collage)  21x27
"Peaceful Harbor"  18x22
"Tenga Buen Dia"  18x15  SOLD
"Shady Grove"   12x10  SOLD
"Bat's Eye View"   14x17  SOLD
"The Sun the Wind"    SOLD
"Palm Tree" 14x11
"View from 'The Elizabeth"  14x11
"Breezy Day"    SOLD
"Calypso"   30x23
"Sailing on the Bay"  15x18
"Bridge to Turtle Island"  SOLD
"Turtle Island"   21x28
"Pond at Agua Caliente"  19x23
"It's a Snowblower"  20x26
"Chevy Becomes the Woods" - SOLD
"Shape Shifter"  21x27
"Ford Wagon Goes Into Hiding"  (collage)  22x27
"Highway 169 Revisited" - SOLD
"Door County - A Walk in the Woods"  21x26
"Elfin Cottage"  27x22
"Bunny Daydreams"  SOLD
"Hiding From Mitch" - SOLD
"Jackie's Prairie"   SOLD
"Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia"  25x20
"September in Tuscany"   SOLD
"Long Forgotten"  28x22
"Serendipity"  22x27
"Rincons Witness the Evolution"  21x27
"Pink Hill Trail"  20x26  SOLD
"Siesta Sonora" - SOLD
"Saturday Night: The Cowgirl Way"  SOLD
"Cuban Cigars"  21x27
"Low Buzz of Summer"  20x23
"Wind Rider" - SOLD
"The Hitching Post"   SOLD
"Purple Sage" - SOLD
"Wagon Ride"   SOLD
"Day Dreaming"  22x30  SOLD
"Racing the Clouds"  21x27
"Breakfast" - SOLD
"The Old Egg Stealer"  21x25  SOLD
"Woodpecker Conversation"   25x21
"Cactus Wren"    SOLD
"What Hummingbirds See"  SOLD
"Vermilion Flycatcher"  10x13   SOLD
"Goldfinch on a Thistle"  20x16
"Big Sky Day"  21x27
"A Desert Dream" - SOLD
"Yucca Kaleidoscope"  20x24
"Arizona High Country"  28x22   SOLD
"Sky Trail"  26x21
"Agave Metamorphosis"  21x27
"Colors of Redington"  23x21 SOLD
"Javelina Rocks - Saguaro East"  SOLD
"Sky Island"  21x22  SOLD
"Dragoon"  18x22
"Shadow Spirits"  25x29   SOLD
"Dreamy Saguaros"  15x17  SOLD
"Saguaroland"  14x11  SOLD
"Year of Mysteries"  28x22
"Saguaroland 2"  14x11
"Summer Shadows" - SOLD
"The Secret Life of Santa Rita" - SOLD
"Santa Rita Prickly Pear"  22x27  SOLD
"Patio Mosaic" - SOLD
"Wild Wind"   SOLD
"Indigo Trail"  24x28  SOLD
"Desert Island"  28x21  SOLD
"Ghost Saguaros"  SOLD
"Beautiful Arizona"  28x28
"Green Flash"  23x19
"Cactus Garden"    SOLD
"Afternoon in a Mesquite Bosque"  21x27
"Rincon Valley"  21x27
"The Desert is a Poet"  22x28
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